Support Guidelines

Standard Support:

NOTE: We do offer our professional services for all of the non-free support items below, they are simply billed at your preferred rate in 30 minute increments.

Included under free support:

  • Remote system access, if you can’t connect for some reason outside of using an unsupported client(Mac or Linux, they do work but aren’t officially supported by Microsoft) or an internet outage, we will assist.
  • Password resets
  • Email setup/troubleshooting on local and cloud devices (If mail is hosted with us).
  • System updates.
  • Managed software updates on default system software(Anything that comes with the system when you order it) (Windows, Office, GoldMine, Adobe, Chrome, Dataphile, DiamondView).
  • System maintenance, this would be back end maintenance on your platform, things like maintaining storage space, cleaning up old software installations.
  • Shadow copy file restoration, if a client accidently overwrites a file and needs it rolled back to a restore point.
  • Local and Off-site backup management, we handle and maintain all of the backups. (NOTE: if there is a catastrophic failure on our end, all restoration would be 100% covered, however if we need to restore from Off-site due to some form of negligence from the clients end (ransomware, etc) it would be billable).
  • Support on Microsoft Office products if they are purchased from us and in a default state (if there are 3rd party plugins installed in Office that you need support on this would be billable).


NOT included under free support :

  • 3rd party software installations and updates, this would include anything extra you would bring into the environment (QuickBooks, AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc.).
  • Anything on your local network, this would be things like assistance installing a new printer, setting up scanners, virus removal on your local systems, removing your old server post migration, data migrations from local workstations/servers, ect.
  • GoldMine customizations, plugin setups, database migrations, etc. We would refer the client to consult their GoldMine partner regarding anything to do with GoldMine other than simply accessing the software.
  • Any project based work (Email migrations, large data migrations from local to the cloud system, migrating to Office 365, etc.).
  • 3rd party website / Email / domain / DNS management, if a client is running into issues with any of these items we will gladly offer our professional services it would just be billable.
  • System recovery (Both cloud and local systems) due to client negligence. This would be things like: If a user goes and downloads a questionable file that exploits an unknown exploit. We keep our systems patched to the latest security patches and follow the industry standards in security best practices, even with these safeguards, zero-day exploits are still very possible and users should have correct training on their side in security best practices from a user standpoint. We have backup systems in place that allow the RTO(recovery time objective) to be significantly shortened to get client’s back to a clean system with a fairly short period of time.


         Emergency Support:

Included 24/7 emergency FREE support:

Emergency support includes anything related with our environment or provided services that would stop you from being able to complete your work:

  • Remote desktop outage (Can't connect to VDI desktop)
  • Remote desktop performance degradation (application/system lock ups), environment performance is unusable for work tasks
  • Account locked out (Remote Desktop). NOTE: You can also go to our self-service portal to handle this
  • Password resets (Remote Desktop). NOTE: You can also go to our self-service portal to handle this
  • Exchange email outage
  • Unauthorized malware/ransomware running in your VDI environment
  • Emergency account termination (Remote desktop, Email, GoldMine)


NOT included under 24/7 emergency support:

VDI Networks will be glad to assist with all of the below items, however these are billable at your preferred rate. We do prefer that you submit a support ticket to and handle these during business hours.

Local environment = Any service/device that is NOT within the VDI Networks data center or provided by VDI Networks as a service, and is located on-premises at your location.

  • Any required service within your local environment (PC/Mac, Printers, Scanners, Internet)


  • Printer setup/reconfiguration
  • Scanner setup/reconfiguration
  • Office/Home internet connectivity (can't browse or connect to any internet related service), we would have you call your internet service provider for these issues
  • PC/Mac setup or configuration
  • Cellphone setup/configuration
  • Any software updates or support on software running within your local environment


If you believe you have an emergency issue and your issue is not listed above, please proceed to call the emergency line and a technician will assist. If we deem it a non-emergency we will downgrade the issue to a support ticket (You will not be billed for this as it was not listed in the above items.)

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